The Production process of brazing aluminum sheet foil coil strip:Casting-surface milling,side milling-heating-hot rolling-shearing-cold rolling-annealing-finishing an so on...


We have more than 100 professional aluminum industry engineers, and the world's most advanced aluminum brazing coil strip, production and test equipment, can meet all your needs..


The Packaging of brazing aluminum productis usually packed on exporting wooden pallets,such as: packed on exporting wooden pallets,Eye to sky,Eye to Wall wooden pallets ...

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We have 32+ Years Aluminum Brazing Sheet foil coil Production Experience

Trusted R&D and production of various solders and fluxes manufacturer

Henan Chalco is one of the earlier domestic enterprises specialized in R & D and production of various solders and fluxes. He has participated in the formulation of many national standards for brazing materials. The brazing aluminum sheets and strips produced by Henan Chalco are of good quality and high price, and are sold to more than 30 countries or regions at home and abroad. At the same time, Henan Chalco is one of the earliest domestic enterprises to introduce and produce brazing fluxes, and has made many scientific and technological achievements. Up to now, Henan Chalco has made a lot of breakthroughs in the fields of brazing processing, copper based brazing materials, aluminum based brazing materials and related fluxes...

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